Product Information

Surecove is an innovative new system of coving for the commercial building and construction industry, with particular suitability for the food industry, or in facilities where hygiene protection is a priority.

The Surecove product is a moulded Vinylester pultrusion coving with a 50mm radius cove, 45-dergree splay.

The following pictures illustrate how Surecove is applied as a coving solution.

The Surecove Vinylester pultrusion coving has application in the following industries.

  • Food/Food manufacturing
  • Manufacturing and processing of Industrial Chemicals
  • Hospitals
  • Abattoirs/Meat Processing
  • Brewing
  • Mining
  • Industrial Kitchens/Hospitality
  • Toilet Blocks/Change Rooms
  • Paper Industry
  • Oil & Petroleum Industry


Surecove Features

  • Approved by Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)
  • Provides Hygienic Protection
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Can accommodate high range of temperatures – Variations from (+70) degrees to (-60) degrees.
  • Abilty to withstand chemical damage.
  • Wide range of sizes available (from 100mm to 300mm) with 25mm & 50mm radius options
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Product dimensions remain consistent & accurate
  • Supplied in 5.0 metre lengths for easy handling

Surecove benefits

  • Product durability reduces maintenance costs over long term
  • Installation method provides genuine time savings (Premises can be utilized immediately after installation)
  • Applicable for installation in both new or existing facilities
  • Minimal clean up required after installation

Data Sheet – Material Safety
Guide – Chemical Resistance
Guide – Pultruded Structural Shapes
Guide – The Affect Of UV On Pultruded Profiles