SC150 – SC300 Profile – Against existing wall panel

Installation Procedure

Single Side Application – Against existing Wall Panel

  1. Saw- cut 6 mm width x 15 mm depth, adjacent to the wall, off set 105 mm (outside line of saw-cut to existing wall panel)
  2. Clean / remove dust and debris from wall and saw-cut, ensure surfaces are dry
  3. Drill holes and place N12 starter bars @ 400 mm centres, 25 mm off set from existing wall panel
  4. Place and tie N12 Rod longitudinally to N12 starter bars
  5. Cut Surecove product length to suit application
  6. Apply 2 – Part Epoxy (Sikadur 31) x 60mm, into Saw-cut at 500mm centres and at corner sections with Spatula
  7. Place Surecove product into saw-cut, joining lengths with Surecove offcuts to rear face with Loctite 406 adhesive
  8. Drill and place 5 mm packing spacers against existing wall panel and at top of Surecove product at 750 mm centres
  9. Apply Sikaflex 11fc along saw-cut and bottom of Surecove product to seal, after epoxy has hardened / cured
  10. Pour sand and cement slurry via funnel to back fill Surecove product
  11. Apply Sikaflex 11fc along top of Surecove product to seal