100mm Cove profile

Installation Procedure

  1. Saw cut concrete 6mm width x 15mm depth @ 35 mm from wall to outside of saw cut.
  2. Clean any dust and debris from walls and vacuum saw cut.
  3. Wipe walls with Sika cleaner 1/205 or methylated spirits.
  4. Place the 3mm double-sided adhesive tape to walls where coving is to be installed.
  5. Cut coving to size.
  6. Wipe back of coving with Sika cleaner 1/205 or methylated spirits.
  7. Apply two part epoxy (Sikadur 31) into saw cut at approximately 600mm distance apart with spatula (approx. 60mm of epoxy) and at corners.
  8. Place coving into saw cut first and then against wall being careful to align coving in its correct position. Peel protective tape starting from one corner as you apply coving
  9. Allow epoxy to harden before applying Sika flex 11fc to top and bottom of coving to seal.