SC150 – SC300 Profile – Wall Panel above Surecove

Installation Procedure

Single Side Application – Wall Panel above Surecove

  1. Saw- cut 6 mm width x 15 mm depth, adjacent to the wall, off set 205 mm (outside line of saw-cut to boxing), for 100 mm thick wall panel
  2. Clean / remove dust and debris from wall and saw-cut, ensure surfaces are dry
  3. Drill holes and place N12 starter bars @ 400 mm centres, 80 mm off set from boxing
  4. Drill 8 mm holes in floor for brackets, offset 110 mm from outside line of saw-cut at 800 mm centres
  5. Place Steel retaining brackets with 60 mm masonary sleeve anchors
  6. Cut Surecove product length to suit application
  7. Apply 2 – Part Epoxy (Sikadur 31) x 60mm, into Saw-cut at 500mm centres and at corner sections with Spatula
  8. Place Surecove product into saw-cut, joining lengths with Surecove offcuts to rear face with Loctite 406 adhesive
  9. Using a string line, align Surecove product at top, and tighten masonary sleeve anchors to secure brackets
  10. Apply Sikaflex 11fc along saw-cut and bottom of Surecove product to seal, after epoxy has hardened / cured
  11. Place and tie N12 rod longitudinally to N12 starter bars and backfill Surecove product with concrete mix